Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Visit EcoGastronomy at the URC!

Friday, April 26, 2013, PAUL, Room G25, 10 - 11:30 a.m. 
EcoGastronomy Dual Major Capstone Research Projects
EcoGastronomy Dual Major graduates explore the interdisciplinary nature of their degrees in their capstone research and synthesize their EcoGastronomy experience with their undergraduate education.

Moderator and Faculty Adviser: Daniel Winans
Maggie Baldwin    Adaptation of Crops to Climate Change in Western Africa and Latin America
Kate Cameron    Cafe Synesthesia
Emily Cooper      Growing Smarter: Sustainable Food & Living After School Program
Lauren Cotnoir    A Study of Milk as an Essential Food Group
Lydia Crisp       Connecting Farms to Local Businesses: An Analysis of Local Food Distribution and Challenges in Southern New Hampshire
Gabrielle Durante   Pollinator Gardening For The Urban Farmer
Kathleen Ernsting     Exploring Event Planning: How to Utilize Local Resources and Overcome              Challenges to  Remain a Sustainable Food Business in New England
Kelly Giller    Value Added Products In New England Dairy Farms
Micayla Gilligan    The Local Tomato: A Sustainably Delicious Food Trolley on UNH Campus
& Kim Mayo
Carrie Anne Harmon    The Knoble Rot; Business Proposal for Wine Store and Tapas Bar
Hannah Hoban  The Edible Green:  An Edible Landscape for New England Country Clubs
Erin Jackson  Dry Technology Business Plan: Revolutionizing the Textiles Market
Jen Lane  &          A Proposal to Implement Field Experience and Experimental Learning to the
Maura McCartney   EcoGastronomy Capstone Class
Scarlett Moberly  Keep Growing: Mapping the North Country's Food System
Gina Puorro  Introduction to Culinary Nutrition: Designing an Introductory Course on   Nutrition, Cooking, and Local Food Systems.
Liz Puris &              The Farm Studio: An Intimate Look at Sustainable Agriculture in New
Geraldine Walker  Hampshire
Rebecca Rothman    The Role of Food and Beverage Managers in Ensuring a Sustainable Future
Sara Schmidt  Breaking Down American Breakfast: The Evolution of the Tradition
Kelly Simpson  Back to Basics:  Catering Fresh, Local and Healthy Meals for Families on the     Go
Stephanie Terenzio    Having a Ball: A Guide to Home Food Production and Preservation
Michelle Wong  Sea to Table: Exploring Aquaculture in Tanzania 

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