Thursday, April 4, 2013

Global Kitchen Exhibit

On a recent excursion to NYC I visited the American Museum of Natural History.  I was pretty pleased to find a Global Kitchen exhibition.  The theme being “Everything we eat affects – and is affected by – the world around us”  


“Universal Parts of Global Cuisine:  Around the world policy, economics and culture collide to help determine who eats what.”
Wheat, corn, soybeans, sugar, and palm oil crowd shipping routes over rice and barley.
U.S.A. big import is bananas and big export (no surprise) is corn.  

Some Food History

Europeans first visit to an American Atzec Farmers Market included MANY firsts. 
Foods that caused a sensation:  Maize, potatoes, chocolate, peanuts, vanilla, tomatoes, pineapples, lima beans, sweet and chili peppers, 
tapioca and the turkey 

Foods that were just too strange

Chocolate as money and a new recreational Drug too dangerous for women and children

The Aztec ruler Moctezuma II demanded sacks of cacao as tribute from conquered villages, and reportedly has hundreds of millions of cacao beans in his treasury.

There was lots of other really good stuff at the exhibit.  Hope you get to visit it some time.  Our Global Kitchen  Food Nature Culture   Anyway, thanks for letting me share.

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