Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lovin' Slow Food UNH!

     Catching up with Slow Food UNH is harder than it sounds!  They are still SLOOOOOWWW…, but don’t let that fool you.      The group gathered weekly during the Spring semester to share meals, cook with local ingredients, and host a variety of events including a viewing of the “Changing the Way We Eat” conference, collecting and raising money for the Earth Day Food Basket program, screening of “Forks over Knives”, and offering a pasta making workshop.  

     The group didn’t just sit in their club house either!  That’s not the mission of Slow Food UNH.  They linked arms with Cornucopia Food Pantry, pot lucked with UNH Organic Garden Club, and attended the UNH Solarfest.  At the New England Regional Slow Food Conference they joined the big family with Slow Food Seacoast, Slow Food Martha's Vineyard, Slow Food UVM, Slow Food Vermont, Slow Food Monadnock, and Slow Food Boston.  

    Slow Food UNH  visited  sugarmomma’s maple farm during maple sugar weekend and spent a weekend at Martha’s Vineyard nettle foraging and volunteering for the Island Grown Schools initiative (the island's own 'Farm to School' program).

    As if that wasn’t enough, Spencer C. Montgomery, Slow Food UNH president,  was awarded a FULL SCHOLARSHIP from Slow Food USA to fly down to New Orleans for the National Slow Food Leadership Conference!!  This trip led to Spencer’s appointment as the National Coordinator of Slow Food Youth Network in the USA.  The plan is to build a campus guide for slow food for other chapters and a regional model.

Looking forward the group plans to build the on-campus model for Slow Fish USA this fall.  Where better to plant the roots for Slow Fish USA than beautiful Seacoast New England!?! 

      The Slow Food Youth Network SFYN and Slow Food UNH will need support from passionate individuals.  So catch Slow Food UNH this fall and don’t miss out!  

      You can view the movie inspired by Spencer C. Montgomery and Slow Food at the University of New Hampshire.  "For the Love of it" illustrates the Slow Food process; from the procurement of fresh local ingredients, to the culinary processing of them, and ending with the enjoyment of the meal with loved ones.  Slow Food is the very essence of food culture.

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