Monday, February 17, 2014

EcoG in France: Visiting Aloxe Corton and Our Professor's Wine Estate

Courtesy of Taylor Bennet (  EcoG and HMGT major at UNH
Today I had the privilege to go on a walking tour of the many villages of aloxe corton, home of some of the most elite and expense wines of France. I got to see the plots that my professor and his family have owned for many many years, the machinery they use to produce their wine, and a tour of their wine cellar. 

We then enjoyed lunch at his house with three bottles of his wine. The first was a 2011 Chardonnay regional Appalachian. The second, a 2006 Pinot noir grand cru, and the third, a 1996 Pinot noir regional Appalachian. They were all amazing and I was able to buy a few bottles to bring home. 

 also am so lucky to be able to take home the top of a wine barrel from his estate that his brother is going to detach for me. Words and pictures cannot describe the experience I had today. From the knowledge and the pride my professor has, to the views and the tasting, it was all incredible. I am so lucky to have such a once in a lifetime opportunity and today is a day I will definitely never forget.

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