Wednesday, December 4, 2013

UNH Slow Food Students Disco and Make Soup to END HUNGER

This post is courtesy of Slow Food UNH!!!
"Recently, we hosted a Disco Soup!   Disco Soupe is a high energy, 100% youth-driven event meant to shift how communities think about food waste. Yes! Music, disco balls and 70’s garb are included! :-)

For our Disco Soup, we saved over 1,000 pounds of food from farms in our community - mostly culls, seconds and excess produce leftover from the tail-end of the season. Together withSlow Food UVM and Slow Food NU (Boston), we cooked up 120 GALLONS of 'disco soup' to distribute to local food pantries!
We gathered to chop vegetables while dancing to the FUNKY beat of Bling Cherry

Funny thing, less than hour into the event and there was a campus-wide power outage!!  Left with no lights and no band, close to 60 people continued chopping on! Righteous!!  However, a few people actually cut themselves in the dark!

By the second hour, the power was back on, the disco ball was spinning, and the band was GROOVING!  We shared a homemade apple-squash soup for lunch, and continued dancing and chopping! :-)UNH Dining provided equipment for us to cook up two large cauldrons of 'disco soup', totaling 60 gallons Creamy Curry Sweet Potato soup and 60 gallons of Hearty Kale soup.  The Hearty Kale soup actually contained ingredients gleaned from 9 different farms! Can you dig it? 

So many incredible farms contributed to our Disco Soup event including: Baer's Best, Spiller Farm, Butternut Farm, Pickpocket Farm, Farm to You NH, Half Pint Farm, Woodman Farm, Kingman Farm, Tuckaway Farm, Brandmoore Farm and MORE!   We saved part of our budget to afford complimentary soil tests for farmers who participated :-)

This event was a great first example of what we can achieve together on a Regional scale, to change our food system, as part of Slow Food Youth Network USA

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