Thursday, November 15, 2012

Picture Perfect in Italy and Ireland

Post courtesy of Hannah Hoban.
Over the past week I have been quite the world traveler….or at least thats how my mother now refers to me. Starting on October 24th my entire program took off for Turin, Italy where we attended Salone Del Gusto an enormous food festival that brings together all types of food producers from around the globe to share their products and ideas on sustainability. There were so many samples I didn’t even have to buy dinner! Here are some pictures showing some of the vendors.

After 3 days of non stop eating,  Carrie Anne and I left for Milan where we took a flight to Dublin! We loved Dublin but was so not ready for it. It defeated us within one night of going out to the Pub. We spent three days there where we visited the Dublin Castel and went on a tour of Wicklow, the country side right outside fo Dublin. We also went to the Guinness factory where we were certified to pour the perfect pint.

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