Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kissing Olives

Post courtesy of Acacia Kreidermacher.

For four days Hollie Legee and I helped a young family with their olive harvest. They consume around 13 gallons of olive oil a year and it’s all produced within an hour of their home.
We spent two days working in the orchard in their front yard. We collectively picked 54 trees and 400kg of olives with our host’s friends and family. Our hosts treated us to pizza out, a homemade meal with friends, and a meal at the woman’s parent’s home.
On the third day they brought us to the town where they go to church. We were able to walk around for an hour, while they were in church. That night we learned how to pick out olives for eating and how to make apple juice.
The final day was quite special.  Our host brought us to the olive press. We were there for three hours while the machines did their jobs. I could go into more detail if you wanted me to, but it’s a bit boring on paper. What you really need to do is go to an olive press yourself. There is no way to describe the green, fresh olive smell that hits you when you first walk into the press. Once our olive oil was ready our hosts gave us a bottle and sent us home with full bellies and two kisses on our cheeks.
This experience was the most memorable thing that has happened on my trip so far. If it weren’t for WWOOF this experience would have never happened and I wouldn’t be traveling home with a bottle of olive oil that I made.

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