Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Thanks, Sarah for the Alumni Update!

 Sarah Jamieson '11, EcoG & Environmental & Resource Economics  
Over the past three years I’ve had some interesting jobs, covered LOTS of miles, and inevitably encountered some disappointment as well.  All in all, pursuing my interests related to EcoG continues to create an exciting, albeit curvy, life path.
No Kid Hungry for the Montana state 
government in the capital, Helena.

Jewell Towne Vineyards,   South Hampton, NH Internship outside with the vines all day, learning about wine, selling at farmer’s markets, and working in their tasting room
After I amassed a small amount of savings.  Two girlfriends and I decided we needed a change…
Our one year working-holiday visas for Australia cost us each about $400 and were approved over the course of a weekend.  We arrived in South Australia mid-December of 2013 at the hobby farm of some family friends.  What followed was a mix of adventure, turmoil, and reconciliation – truly an experience we will never forget. 
Rainy photo of Brad and I, Wineglass Bay, Tasmania
After covering a distance of over 25,000kms in our trusty Ute (truck), picking flowers, cleaning houseboats, and working in pubs; I met some truly lovely people and experienced breathtaking views.  I even fell for a hunky Aussie dairy farmer who’s coming to visit this month
 In the meantime,  I’ve been back waitressing seasonally to earn some money for more travel.
Visa is already approved ;)

So.. even though you prospective EcoGers haven’t met me – my advice to you would be to follow your interests, work hard to plan and achieve the things you set out to do, don’t be discouraged with disappointments and very importantly, stay financially sound.  You don’t have to make a lot of money, but you sure need some. 
Shoot me an email at anytime to say hi and good luck to all of you!

Cheers mates!


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