Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Know Your Food with EcoGastronomy

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 via Healthy UNH
EcoGastronomy is a word coined by the University of New Hampshire itself, just like EcoGastronomy is a program available only at UNH. Break the word “EcoGastronomy” down, and it basically means environmental eating. But what is that? There are a thousand ways to interpret it, and most of them describe the EcoGastronomy dual major.
Food is an integral part of our life- we kind of need it. Why do people interact with their food the way they do?  That’s one of the focuses of EcoG. If the food we eat can cause pleasure or disgust, make us healthy or introduce toxins into our bodies, why do some of us eat so mindlessly? Our culture no longer allows us to easily know where our food is coming from. What can we do to change this? EcoGastronomy explores these questions and many more through active classroom time, assigned reading and exploration. The program requires participation in the student’s choice of a fantastic, food-focused study abroad, semester in Italy or France. As a dual major, EcoG allows students from almost any major to add a new field of interest into their lives and resumes and further their opportunities after graduation. To learn more about the program, follow the link to EcoG’s website and attend an information session:

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