Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Outside of the Lunch Box at Dover, NH Schools

There is so much happening outside of the lunch box! This is National School Lunch Week, October is National Farm to School Month and Monday, October 24, is National Food Day. Honoring Food Day, a symposium of food experts will be held at UNH open to the public; for more information Facebook Food Day UNH

To celebrate, what’s Dover school food up to? Dover Foodservice is teaming with UNH and Seacoast Local’s newest entity, ReRootEd. ReRootEd is the outlet tackling food initiatives in the Seacoast region and collaborating with those already in action. 

Dover Public High School Cafeteria Scene:
Friday, 10/21: UNH Nutritional Science Field Experiencestudents will provide information surrounding national and local food initiatives. Real Food nutrition tips will be shared with the high school students.  

Friday, 11/4: The Soup Guy, Dover, NH is back! Dover students will taste a warm, healthful soup made from the hands of an industry expert. If they approve, it could be a reoccurring menu item. For more information about The Soup Guy http://thesoupguy.net/
Friday, 11/11: Hickory Nut Farm, Lee, NH artisanal goat cheese tasting. The goat milk cheeses are made from the ground up, literally. The hay and grains that feed the goats are selected and blended according to our standards and experience. As a reward of good treatment and careful feeding, their milk has excellent nutritional value, producing varied textures and subtle flavor profiles; just what the meaning of the word artisanal is all about. For more information about Hickory Nut Farm http://hickorynutfarm.com/

Friday, 11/18: Tuttle’s Red Barn, Dover, NH. The young farmers who are continuing the tradition of farming on Tuttle’s land will show Dover public high school students the benefits of organic farming practices. A veggie show-and-tell and tasting will take place. 

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