Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Flavor, Quality, & American Menus

The Culinary Institute of America—through its Napa Valley, California Greystone campus—and the UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences are taking on the enormous task of uniting leaders in agriculture, food processing and the culinary arts around a common mission that values scientific and technical excellence on the one hand and artistic and aesthetic accomplishment on the other at its invitation only Flavor, Quality,& American Menus Leadership Retreat.

This year Dan Winans was asked to share his insights as a chef and Culinary Institute of America grad working at UNH in the EcoGastronomy program   The leadership retreat was held September 8-11, 2010, at Culinary Institute of America Graystone located in St. Helena, California. Dan had the opportunity to present “Creating Regional Food Systems: The Convergence of Sustainable Agriculture and Volume Foodservice Operations” to 35 of our nation’s most
influential chefs and food service industry leaders joined by leaders in U.S agriculture, food processing and manufacturing, wine and distribution—as well as key media, representing both trade and consumer sectors. 

Dan and Amy also visited the Center For Land-Based Learning - /putah.php, the Wolfskill Experimental Orchards and their National Clonal Germplasm Repository in Winters,CA -

View more luscious, mouth watering picures on our EcoGastronomy Dual Major Facebook page.

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